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  • When You Get Instant Pot Fever…

    When You Get Instant Pot Fever…

    We all know about the crock pot – a thing of beauty really.  Throw some stuff in, press a button and 4-12 hours later you got food!  With my busy personal training schedule, making a home-cooked meal is a challenge.  But for me, I prefer it because I know it will be much healthier than

  • Does your back ever hurt?

    Does your back ever hurt?

    Your back hurts and you know why! All that sitting and slouching that you’re probably doing right now!  Head bowing to the screen of your phone, arms reached out before the keyboard shaped toes of your work computer.  It’s rough, but hey, it’s life now and you gotta make that cheddar! Before I was making

  • Make it a Lifestyle!

    Make it a Lifestyle!

    Accountability while training with us is a big factor and we will make sure all of your goals are realistic and achievable. We want to be a part of your fitness journey and providing a healthy balance in your life is our Goal! Understanding Personal Fitness Training Programs Body Balance Personal Training offers a professional approach