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Class Personal Training 1:1 Special $29 Fitness Membership FOOD Cleanse Yoga – Stretch, Core & Tune-Up Grocery Store Prep & Plan Women’s & Men’s Group Fitness
Description Receive 1:1 Private Personal Training Sessions to receive maximum, goal-specific results. A friendly and knowledgeable Personal Training will create a personalized and safe fitness/exercise regiment to help you meet your fitness goals, at your own pace and capacity. Body Balance offers 4000 sq ft of Free Weights, Exercise Machines, Cardio Room, TRX, Locker Rooms, Showers, Towels and more. We are extremely excited to offer you this new program! After working with a couple top dietitians on the east coast, we have a new Detox Program, and it’s a game changer:

  • Reset your bodies metabolism
  • Lose inches and burn fat
  • Give you tons of energy back and FUEL your body.
Bring your Mind and Body together in perfect harmony with Yoga: Stretch, Core & Tune-Up. Benefits include improvement in flexibility, core strength, weight loss and reduces the risk of injury. Second Saturday of every month, join Trainer Pam at the grocery store to learn how to prepare and plan healthy meals! Key focus is to keep it simple, affordable and tasty. Women’s & Men’s Group Fitness Classes are designed to give you a full body workout in 45 minutes. Classes will give you 450-700 calorie burn and safe for all fitness levels.
  • $100 OFF All Personal Training, Group Training and Yoga Packages (1st Month Only for New Clients) Ends 3/30/18.
  • $50 for 1 hour session
  • $350 for 8 sessions (1 month to use)
  • Month-to-month membership is only $29 in 2018
  • 1X initiation fee $99. **New Members only
  • 10-21 days for $59.99 (reg $99)
  • 6 weeks for $120 (reg $240)
  • Ask for Dustin
  • $100 OFF All Yoga Packages (1st Month Only for New Clients) Ends 3/30/18.
  • Ask for Brysen
  • $25 per person (4 minimum/grocery trip)
  • Ask for Pam
  • $100 OFF All Group Training Packages (1st Month Only for New Clients) Ends 3/30/18.
  • $224 flat rate/mo (2x / week)
  • $306 flat rate/mo (3x / week)