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  • Bill Erno M.S.

    Bill Erno M.S.

    Bill“Picture a beautiful hillside cemetery & at the bottom next to the river is one grave marker which simply says: This is my finish line.”

    Bill has over 25 years of Personal Training and athletic training experience; he has his Masters in Exercise Science and has experienced many years in the athletic training field. He is Certified with Cooper Institute for work with Special Populations. Bill’s knowledge of exercise rehab and injury evaluation makes him a very important part of the Body Balance team.


    Special Populations Type II Diabetes


    Masters in Exercise Science
    Certified with Cooper Institute for work with Special Populations


    Reading, movies, hound dogs.



    “I am pleased to be able to recommend Bill Erno as a trainer without equivocation. For almost two decades, Bill has trained me at least twice a week. I can report that in that time, my strength, endurance and flexibility have each increased in a way that could not have occurred without Bill’s guidance and help. He applies his advanced education (MA, Physical Therapy) that few trainers possess, let alone are able to put into practice. I have referred less-fit and athlete-level trainees to Bill; all with outstanding results. Bill carefully tailors the training to the skill level of his student. Without Bill as my trainer over these years, I would not enjoy the level of fitness I enjoy today.” –Gregory E. Harris

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