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  • BODYfit Training Group

    BODYfit Training Group


    **New Year’s Special**

    Men’s & Women’s Group Training

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    What is BODYfit?

    Our New BODYfit Training Group Classes are specially designed to provide amazing fitness results in a group class setting. Find the motivation you need to get an effective, full-body workout in only 45 minutes! BODYfit is more than fitness, it’s a Wellness Program that combines the best of: Functional Strength & Core Training, TRX Suspension Training,  Kickboxing and more.

    Why Clients Love BODYfit:

    • 450-700 Calorie Burn in 45 minutes
    • Safe and Great for all Fitness Levels
    • Fun Variations of Training
    • Movement Assessment & Injury Prevention
    • Corporate Training Challenges Available
    • Nutritional Guidance Available
    • *Membership is NOT necessary to take part in any of our training programs. 


    What Type of Classes are There?

    Total Body TrainingTotal Body Training (TBT Fit):

    Total Body Training is a metabolic calorie burning workout comparable to Cross Fit and P-90x.  This exciting, full body workout combines strength, core, cardio, sport drills & functional movement.

    trx2TRX Suspension Training (TRX Fit):

    TRX Fit is a unique training movement class that targets the full body by using your body’s own weight as its guide and natural resistance while engaging the core and burning calories.

    mma fitMixed Metabolic Aerobics (MMA) Fit:

    MMA Fit is a fun, energy-packed blend of boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and other mixed martial art techniques incorporated into a full body workout. This class welcomes all fitness levels.

    lakeridge high school strength and conditioningSpecialized Sport Workout (Sport Fit)

    Game ON! From Student, to College, to Pro, this dynamic program is tailor made for all ages and skill sets.  Whether it’s basketball, football, golf, baseball, lacross, etc., we got you covered!

    women-group-workoutWomen’s Wellness Workout (W3 Fit)

    W3 Fit is a women’s only class providing an energizing, comfortable, safe and motivating environment for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

    Women-StretchingTune, Stretch, & Core (TSC Fit)

    Tune, Stretch, and Core Fit is a class created to help refresh those tired sore muscles and joints.  You move while focusing on strengthening target areas, stretching, and isolating your core and abs.

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