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  • Brysen French

    Brysen French

    brysen french“Be one with your mind, body and soul.”

    Brysen is Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and a Wholefood Natural & Nutrition Advocate. He is a seasoned high school and college athlete with focus in football, wrestling and track & field. He also is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a recent addition to the Body Balance Team, Brysen is applying his experience to help clients with Nutritional Coaching as well as Yoga for Increased Range of Motion and Mental Well-being.



    Nutritional Coaching, Yoga/Stress-relief , Athletic Performance Training, Weight-loss, Flexibility/movement Training, Wholefood Natural / Nutrition Advocate.


    NASM certified
    B.S. in Psycology at University of Oregon
    Owner of Fitness & Mind LLC
    High School 3-Sport Athlete: football, wrestling, track & field
    Division 1 Athlete (wrestling)
    Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    3rd Place at the 2015 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship
    2nd Place at the 2014 PAN American Jiu Jitsu Championships.


    Yoga, Nutrition, Jiu Jitsu, Outdoor Activities



    “The last few months I have focused a lot on self-improvement and living a healthy lifestyle, with a good diet and consistently working out.  I’m getting back into shape and it feels amazing. I’ve been working with  Brysen French and I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have thought about making a positive lifestyle change to get in shape and finally do what you’ve been putting off, you could not have a better motivator, a better teacher, a better person to have pushing you and holding you accountable than Brysen. He works with you in a 100% positive way, he encourages you the entire time, and gives you praise when you do a good job. Our workouts, while tough, are fun and he keeps things fresh, focusing on building from the core out, creating a solid foundation both through physical work, and dietary advice, but also connecting the mind and body, getting your full body to work as one. If anyone in the SW Portland area is looking for a trainer to help get you started, or if you’re regular gym goer and need to change up your routine, do yourself a favor and contact Brysen. You will not regret it!!!” –Nancy


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