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  • Darrin Halley

    Darrin Halley

    “What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows.”

    Darrin has been involved in athletics and fitness for the majority of his life. He grew up competing in a variety of sports starting at the age of 6. He has worked with a large range of individuals with a wide variety of fitness levels. Darrin’s background includes providing one-on-one personal training, group classes, youth enrichment classes and sports specific training. Whether coaching a K-2 enrichment class or designing a program for older adults, he has the energy and passion to assist in helping individuals or groups achieve their goals. Darrin understands the value and importance of physical fitness and how it improves one’s overall quality of life.


    Personal Training, Group Training, Sports-specific Training


    Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise.
    Certified Speed Agility Quickness Trainer through the National Exercise & Sports Training Association.


    Family, Sports, Coaching & Officiating Youth Sports, Home Remodeling


    Fortress Fitness Beaverton



    “Darrin is a fantastic fitness trainer. He walks the talk and is motivating, funny and calm. My workout goes by quickly as he is at ease with my struggles, and keeps me focused and positive. He has been great with my chronic injuries and modifies my workouts as needed. I recently fell of my horse and needed an ACL replacement His patience and persistence post surgery has greatly improved my knee strengthening and healing. Darrin also ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. Also, he is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. Thanks for being my fitness trainer!” –Jennifer Pittsley

    “We have worked with Darrin for over two years now, and have stuck with him because we find his training to be very beneficial to our overall health. He changes things up regularly to keep things interesting, and is conscientious, reliable, and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to commit to working on improving their physical well-being.” –Colleen and Jay Lyman

    “After sitting at a desk for the better part of two decades, a back surgery, and too much weight gain, I was in a lot of pain, and fairly unmotivated physically. Getting back in shape at 46 has been a challenge that I was unable to do on my own for years. Darrin helped me get started and stay motivated. He tailored exercises for my needs based on my back surgery story, and observations he made while watching me work out. He was very relaxed and I felt no pressure…only positive encouragement. When it came time for me to end my time with him, He reviewed everything we had done, why we did it, and where I might go with my workouts in the future. He also provided guidance as I was setting up my home gym. I now feel awesome, and motivated to continue working out. Having watched my progress, my wife has started working out with me. We are having a blast. I would whole-heartedly recommend Darrin to everybody that needs guidance and encouragement.” –Brad Hilton

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