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  • Isaac Schrader

    Isaac Schrader

    nancy hart massage therapy“Shift your focus from what your body looks like, to what your body can do.”

    After attending National Personal Training Institute, Isaac Schrader became a certified personal trainer just after turning 20 years old. Always having a passion for health and fitness, he found his groove in corrective exercise and alignment of the human body for his clients, to help with posture and basic function that most people no longer utilize every day. With 5 years of training experience, he still has the knowledge to help work around every day injuries and ailments, while having the drive to continue self education that will best suit his clients in every way possible. Physically, mentally, and spiritually to create a balanced and positive lifestyle change.


    Senior fitness, weight management, positive lifestyle habits


    NPTI 500 Hour certification
    5 years experience as a personal trainer
    Oregon Pioneer Rugby
    Youth basketball coach
    Yoga & Meditation practice


     Rugby, basketball, musician


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