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  • Lezia Munn

    Lezia Munn

    Leiza“Good health is more than a sense of physical well-being rather than the absence of disease. It includes that experience of a clear mind, keen emotional balance, intuitive perception and a spiritual understanding which allows us to feel the connection with all living beings.”

    Lezia has had a successful career for 33 years working in the fitness industry holding a B.S. in Exercise & Sports Science/Nautropathic/Certified Health Coach Degree. Along with being a Certified Classical Homeopath & completed a Degree on Pathology/Diease/Nutrition through Alternative Training U.K.

    Lezia and Damon Schaefer also with a B.S. in Health & Fitness with an Advanced Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine have ‘teamed-up’ to assist ‘all’ Body Balance members/clients on Nutritional Wellness Programs tailored specifically to their needs & lifestyle.


    Nutritional Wellness Programs tailored specifically to your needs & lifestyle.


    NASM Certified
    B.S. in Exercise & Sports Science
    Nutritional Therapist Graduate of the City-Guilds Institute College, England
    Graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
    Degree in Pathology & Disease through Alternative Training, UK
    Certificated Classical Homeopath, CCH
    Certified Health Coach through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), NY
    Animal Naturopathic License


    Healthy cooking.



    “I love my trainer Lezia Munn. She individualizes each workout to the abilities of her client. She is very focused on form and technique during each training session so the client does not have an injury. She also will rehabilitate injuries to the individual needs and abilities of each client. Lezia does not judge based on weight, age, or ability. She is nurturing and so encouraging. The other thing that amazed me is how intuitive she is. I can walk in the door, and she knows instantly if I will be able to execute the workout she planned…How did I get so lucky?” –Heidi Lindner

    “As a current client of Lezia Munn, I am writing to you today to assure you that Lezia is easily the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Whether you are wishing to gain muscle, develop a healthy lifestyle, get lean, or improve your strength or endurance, Lezia has the expertise, commitment and personality to help you succeed. I first began training with Lezia in 2004. We worked together to develop and implement a lifestyle that quickly improved my overall health, strength and stamina. I had never gotten results like these from any other trainer. I believe this is because Lezia not only is an expert at personal training and nutrition, she is also an expert at motivation. No matter what your goals, I am certain that Lezia will be more than able to assist you in getting there. I recommend her without reservation as I continue to train with her myself.” –Scott Long

    “Lezia Munn has been my trainer for the last three years. I currently work out and train with her at Body Balance gym. She consistently provides workout routines that fit the needs of my body and lifestyle and she is a master at adapting any workout plan when rehab is required. In addition Lezia provides incredible up to date information for nutrition and health habits to insure success for an overall balance of body and mind. She is very patient and perseveres with every aspect of training to aid me in achieving my ever-changing goals. I truly appreciate having her in my life.” –Thia Barth

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