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  • Sports Performance

    Sports Performance

    Designed to help each athlete reach their full potential from youth to professional athletes.

    We will have you focused and ready to GO each session! You will reach those goals in your sport while training at Body Balance.

    lakeridge high school strength and conditioningOur sport specific programs are one of a kind! Jeff Spurgeon head Nike trainer for over 10 years and his body balance staff have trained Professional, collegiate, and youth for ALL sports!

    We have trained athletes and teams of all levels in Basketball, Golf, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Skiing, Tennis, Swimming, and much more!

    Our Strength, speed, quickness and agility programs with H.I.T. twist are waiting just for you!


    • One on one, group, H.I.T for athletes
    • Rates vary from $99 to $200 month group packages.
    • Check out our summer sport camp special for $99!
    • Membership is NOT necessary to take part in any of our training programs.


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