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  • When You Get Instant Pot Fever…

    When You Get Instant Pot Fever…

    We all know about the crock pot – a thing of beauty really.  Throw some stuff in, press a button and 4-12 hours later you got food!  With my busy personal training schedule, making a home-cooked meal is a challenge.  But for me, I prefer it because I know it will be much healthier than store-bought or restaurant food which may have higher preservatives.  Plus, it is much more cost-effective.  

    But the problem always comes down to TIME.

    Well I felt compelled to share with you my latest health cooking discovery that has got me feeling like Guy Fieri in the kitchen!  If you haven’t already heard of the Instant Pot, it’s about to change your life. Seriously, these things are just as simple as a crock pot.  It’s much more versatile, makes your food more tender and moist, and can do all these magical things in, no joke, 20-40 minutes.

    instant potThe Instant Pot is a pressure cooker. It heats up without the use of a stove top, creates pressure within itself and cooks like a champ! I use this thing multiple times a week because it makes things so easy and soooo tasty.  It’s also relatively easy to clean since the majority of it’s parts are dishwasher safe!

    In addition to being tasty and convenient, there’s another important factor that takes the cake…
    Pressure cooking your food will retain more nutrients and vitamins than any other cooking method…

    A 1995 study found that pressure cooking preserved nutrients in food more than other cooking methods. Another study measured levels of Vitamin C and B-Vitamins in food and found these levels of vitamin retention (the amount remaining in food after cooking):

    • Boiling reduced nutrients the most with a range of 40-75% retained (up to a 60% loss of nutrients!)
    • Roasting and steaming preserved up to 90% of nutrients (but in some measurements, almost half of nutrients were lost!)
    • Pressure cooking did the best job at preserving nutrients with a 90-95% retention rate

    Here are some pictures of my Instant Pot meals for you to ogle at including some links to the recipes for you to enjoy once you pick one up.  I, by the way, found mine on Amazon for $80.

    Meat Sauce – recipe hyperlink
    Meat Sauce



    Korean Short Ribs – recipe hyperlink
    korean short ribs



    Lemongrass and Coconut Chicken – recipe hyperlink
    meat sauce