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The Body Balance Difference


At Body Balance, we care about YOUR success and personally guide you toward your fitness goals, while helping you maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of your life.  Our goal  is to partner with you help you COMMIT to your fitness goals, CHALLENGE you on all levels, and CONNECT with you on a personal level.



  • We’ll create a fitness program that helps you find balance in all aspects of your life—health, family, career, social, and self.
  • Our convenient location gets you in, gets out and gets you on with your day.


  • Our expert trainers are in the gym to listen and to help—you’re never alone.
  • We take time to get to know you—your personality, your desires, your goals.
  • We help you set short-term and long-term goals—whether you want to increase your fitness or fit into skinny jeans.

Personalized Training

  • We personally tailor your program to your current fitness level and fitness goals.
  • There is no “one-size-fits-all” training program.
  • We stay committed to your success and help keep you on track.

Fun Motivation

  • We go out of our way to make fitness fun and to create a program that isn’t boring.
  • We vary your routine often to increase your motivation, focus and energy.
  • We create fitness programs that combine core, balance, flexibility, strength training, and cardio.


  • Whether your focus is health and wellness, body fat reduction, muscle strengthening, lifestyle and longevity, or competitive athlete training, we guarantee results.
  • You’ll gain the tools and education necessary to maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire.


  • Our team of highly-trained professionals have a wide range of education and experience (physical therapy, yoga, even professional boxing).
  • All our fitness trainers have degrees and/or hold nationally-recognized certifications.
  • Each of our trainers have between 10 and 30 years experience in the professional fitness and health world.